‘We Stand With Women,’ RNC Spokeswoman Says


The Republican Party stands with women said a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, despite a whole host of positions taken by the GOP in recent months that seem to contradict the statement.

“My heart goes out to any victim of domestic violence. It’s unacceptable, it’s inexcusable and it’s important to stand with women,” RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said during a Saturday interview with MSNBC where she was asked whether she believed the woman who accused former top White House aide Rob Porter of violence.

Jennifer Willoughby said last week Porter, her ex-husband, emotionally, mentally and physically abused her.

Porter resigned Wednesday as White House staff secretary following reports alleging that he physically abused Willoughby and Colbie Holderness, his first wife. Holderness said that Porter punched her in 2005 and provided photos showing a black eye she said she had sustained during the incident. Porter has denied the allegations.

“All of these claims have to be vetted,” McEnany added. “Of course, Rob Porter’s denying them. So at this point, it’s a dispute better handled for a court of law. But my heart goes out to any victim of that, and we stand with women, our party does.”

McEnany’s statements come after many Republican officials have attempted to downplay accusations of sexual misconduct in the party or have openly supported those accused of misconduct.

The RNC has refused to return donations from its former finance chair and Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn, even after he resigned as CEO from Wynn Resorts in response to sexual misconduct allegations spanning decades ― including allegedly forcing his employees into having sex with him. The RNC’s defense ― that Wynn deserves due process ― is not one the party afforded to former Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) when they called on Democrats to return his donations in light of allegations that he groped and kissed a woman without her consent.

The RNC also stood by and helped fund former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who was accused of preying on children while he was a 32-year-old prosecutor. Republicans also continue to ignore the more than 20 allegations of sexual harassment and abuse made against President Donald Trump.

Asked about the allegations during a press conference last year, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made clear the administration’s official stance is that the women are lying.

Trump, and by extension the RNC in its support for him, has also made it clear in past statements there’s nothing more important than a man’s word when it comes to sexual misconduct allegations.